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We are passionate at Scripto about helping authors succeed. We understand that the publication process (particularly when self-publishing) can seem like Mission Impossible.

This is where we come in! Over the next few months, we are going to be launching a series of AFFORDABLE author services to help you fulfill your writing goals, whether that is to self-publish or secure a traditional publishing deal. There are many reasons why authors don’t take the time to get their manuscript professionally appraised prior to publication. (Lack of funds or a first-timer’s belief that they “don’t need to” are the top two).

Trust me. Having been there and bought the T-Shirt, I KNOW from excruciatingly painful personal experience that if you don’t take the time out to do this, you will (probably) end up regretting it!

Why wouldn’t you want some impartial, constructive feedback?

An opportunity to identify and resolve any issues before you publish?

Maybe you are thinking “Where’s the catch?” – A reasonable question!

There is none because our appraisals are 100% FREE of charge!

Our appraisals will always be constructive and honest. (You need to be prepared for honesty, not the brutal kind, just the honest kind!).

Our appraisals are strictly confidential and will NOT be published anywhere. At all. Ever. (This is NOT a book review, although appraisals are PERFECT for indie authors who have already self-published and are now finding themselves on the sharp end of reviewer’s tongues, or pens…or keypads!).

We will cover areas such as:

  • Credibility of your plot
  • Characterisation
  • Use of tense
  • Point of View (POV)
  • Effectiveness of dialogue
  • Sentence structure and grammar (This is NOT an edit nor is it a proofread – you will be given a broad overview of any work that we feel needs doing).

As most authors will testify, writing a catchy blurb and concise synopsis can seem harder than actually writing the book. For many, it is up there with having your teeth pulled out by the dentist. Not only do you have to hook your reader with an eye-catching blurb that says just enough without giving away any spoilers, but your synopsis is also the gateway to securing a literary agent. The writing community was recently left reeling when one of the Man Booker Prize judges stated that (in his opinion) many blurbs “almost blackmail readers into blaming themselves if they do not like a novel,” and that over the top praise from other authors makes him “cringe.” Given that the Man Booker Prize is one of the the most sought after prizes in the publishing world, Thubron’s comments sent many authors into a tailspin.

The Scripto team LOVES writing blurbs and synopses. We have written (almost) as many as we have had hot dinners in our various working roles. Not only that but we can guarantee a speedy turnaround. (Blurbs will be delivered within 72 working hours of receiving payment, and synopses, (which are a little trickier) within 5 working days). We also understand that most independent authors don’t have huge budgets and promise to deliver a first-class service at an affordable price.

Blurbs cost just £50 and a Synopsis is priced at £75. To go ahead, please call us on 0191 2623221 or email us at [email protected]

For many authors the prospect of self-publishing their work is an exciting one and they actively throw themselves into the whole process. For others, who maybe want to focus on their writing career rather than having to deal with the publishing aspect it can seem both daunting and irritating. Many simply don’t know where to start. There is, after all, so much to consider, for example, proofreading, editing, cover design, artwork (if required), book formatting, and that’s before you even begin breaking down the publication process. There are many reasons why people choose the self-publication path. The key to success is in ensuring that you mirror the traditional publication process wherever you can. It is a waste of time spending several months, possibly even years, honing your manuscript if you are going to cut corners at the publication stage. Readers want you to succeed. They want to find authors that they can be loyal to. It is your job to make sure that you don’t disappoint!

You will also want to feel confident that when you are contacting book reviewers to request an honest review that you have done everything within your power to ensure that your book is of a high standard. Book reviewers will be brutal with indie authors who publish books that are littered with grammatical errors, glaring plot holes, and spelling mistakes. They will also call out badly formatted books and books with uninspiring covers. Sometimes, that is all it takes! Ingrid Hall has extensive experience writing, publishing and editing manuscripts of all genres. She has worked with authors from all over the world and has put in place a team that is passionate about helping indie authors make their voices heard. Our self-publication service can be tailored to your requirements and you can cherry-pick the aspects that you need. Services include a constructive manuscript appraisal, proofreading and editing, cover design, formatting, and publication in print and kindle via Amazon/Createspace.
Ingrid has recently worked with children’s author, Sandra Tipple from concept through to publication of her debut book, Mandy and Foxy. Ingrid has a particular flair for plot and character development and is currently writing a contemporary, British thriller. Ingrid particularly loves working with and developing authors who are just starting out. It is often easier if we catch errors early in the writing process. (After an author has written maybe just the first three chapters) as this allows us to offer appropriate guidance in terms of plot and character development and avoids the need for extensive rewrites at the end. If you would like to either work with Ingrid on a chapter-by-chapter, pay-as-you-go basis or discuss your needs in more detail then we are waiting to take your call! You can phone us 24/7 on 0191 262 3221, alternatively, you can contact us using the form below.

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